Works for Me Wednesday

September 2, 2008 - 11:44 pm 9 Comments
Works for Me Wednesday

Well, I don’t believe that I’ve ever participated in this before.  However, this week is the Backwards Edition of Works for Me Wednesday.

I posted a couple of days ago of a problem I have been having.  Since this is a small little blog about my daughter, I haven’t really gotten many responses to my problem.  I thought maybe, if I participated and reposted, I might get some more help from any Mom’s out there.

Please help me!!!


Emma’s never been a great sleeper.  Well, I can’t really say that.  For the first 4 months of her life, she slept great!  She’d be awake for a couple of hours, sleep for 4 hours after that.  Rinse, repeat.  All day long.  She slept all night long.

Of course, those couple of hours at a time that she would be awake were full of seizures.  Those 4 hour naps afterwards was time that her brain needed to recover and heal from the constant activity it had just been through.

So really, after she got on the proper medication and didn’t have to go through all of that each day, I couldn’t really blame her for not sleeping much.

But we’re to the point (past it really) where Emma should be going from 2 naps a day to 1 big one.  A typical nap time would be after lunch.  However, this isn’t really a possibility for us.

Our Early On time slot is after lunch.  The teachers have their morning classes, then lunch, and then they have time for us.  This year, on Mondays we have class from 12:30-1:45.  Wednesday’s are up in the air at the moment.  We’ll have a home visit, but I don’t know what time it will be.

Because of this, I’ve tried to keep her schedule so she has regular PT at a similar time.  I don’t think she’d handle it well if 2 days a week she had to stay up and the rest she could nap during that time.  We don’t want a grumpy baby for therapies.  And knowing Emma, she’d just fall asleep during Early On and we wouldn’t be able to wake her up.

So instead, we try and take a morning nap and an afternoon nap.  This week she hasn’t really been sleeping for the morning nap.  At least not long.  And then I lay her down for the afternoon nap.  Again, she doesn’t sleep or sleeps very little.  By the time we’re having dinner, she’s tired and grumpy.

I understand why the school teachers have the Early On session when they do.  And they do a phenomenal job!  But when you’re doing a program for the Birth-3 age group, that’s a typical time for a nap.  Last year, we went to school from 12:50-2:05.  This year will be an easier time for a nap, I’m hoping.

PT on Tuesdays & Thursdays is currently at 1:45.  She goes one day for regular therapy and the other day for therapy in the pool.  We are going to try and see how she handles doing both back-to-back.  That doesn’t help with our naps, but it should make her tired enough to take a nap, maybe even a longer one.

Anyone having a similar problem?  Or have any advice?

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  1. Janet Says:

    I don’t know how old Emma is but my boys stopped napping right before they were two. It sounds crazy but if they napped then they wouldn’t go to bed before 10 and my husband and i needed time together.
    So, the boys went to bed at 6:30 – 7 PM and woke up at 6:30. They did this all the way till they went to kindergarten and then we still made them. Of course, now they are up later.

  2. Runningamuck Says:

    It definitely sounds like she’s ready for one nap. That’s what each of my four have done when they are ready to scale down to just one. They don’t do either one of them “well”. My suggestion, and I don’t know what else you have going on to know if this would work, BUT typically, my kids go down around 1pm for a two hour nap (your daughter may or may not sleep that long). However, there a lots of days where I have errands to do or just a busy morning at home and can’t get them down by 1pm. So our little house rule is they have to be down by 2:30pm or forget about it baby. If we start naps later than that they start sleeping into dinner time and then don’t go down at night very well. But you could try doing the same. If I’m understanding the times right (which I’m probably not), if she’s done at 1:45, you have time to have a little relax time before putting her down between 2 and 2:30pm. Hopefully she’ll sleep at least two hours which would put her at a 4:30 get up time. Still time to play and get some energy out before dinner and still get down to bed at night at a reasonable hour. Does that help at ALL?! I hope so. =0)

  3. Missy @ It's Almost Naptime Says:

    So she’s about 16 months old, right?

    You are in kind of a weird state since she probably is transitioning out of that first nap. I know my April ’07 baby is starting to drop his, so now he goes down for his first nap at 11am and occasionally again around 4. Could you try that?

  4. jen Says:

    Definitely sounds like she’s ready for one nap. Unfortunately, you’re probably in for an ugly couple of weeks.

    If you’re going to skip to one nap, I’d think about trying to reschedule to PT…

    Argh, it’s not fun… My suggestion would be to try to change by making the mornings fun and somewhat relaxing or going somewhere fun so she’s not tempted to sleep, and then letting her fall asleep after her class, (or after the normal time).

    It (hopefully) won’t be long before she is doing fine and isn’t cranky about not sleeping in the morning.

    It’s my least favorite transition, so you have my sympathies!

    Best wishes!

  5. SH Says:

    You do have a big dilemma. I don’t have a miracle answer, but I’d start with a book called, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” ( If I’m remembering correctly, Dr. Weissbluth addresses some specific difficult sleep problems as well as more general issues. This book was a tremendous help to me in getting my kids good sleep.

    My other suggestion you might try is to “reset her clock” sort of. Try — slowly — changing her clock so that she rises later and goes to bed later, then her one nap could be a little later in the day on a routine basis, without her really losing sleep overall. I’ve no idea how that works with the rest of your schedule — just a suggestion

  6. Annie Says:

    We’ve had therapy issues in the past conflicting with nap time. It got to the point where nothing will interfere with nap time except fire or flood. If the therapist can only see your kid during their naptime, then you tell the therapist you’ll have to find another, they can then magically rearrange their schedules to accomodate you. I even go so far as to hang a note on the door bell instructing people that they are to not ring the door bell under any circumstances. I have three special needs children four and under. People will work with you, because ultimately it will help the kid.

  7. Amanda Says:

    Maybe you could have an early ‘lunch’ around 10:15 and then straight to nap. She could get an hour and a half to 2 hours before appts. I don’t know what time bedtime is but you may want to make it a little earlier to make up for the early nap and long afternoon. My suggestion is to make it so that everyday is the same even if she didn’t have an appointment on a particular day go ahead with the same schedule. Hope this helps!

  8. Zoeys mom Says:

    Well,it certainly looks as if you are getting lots of great advice!Being a mom of six I have some experience on naps.Unfortunately,doesn’t it figure that the one common trait my children all share,other than their curly hair,is the desire to give up naps by 20 months of age. I thought Zoey was going to be different, but she is definitely more alike then different form her siblings.She actually arches her back the minute my feet hit the stairs to bring her up to her room!Anyway,I think she is giving you clear signals that she is ready for one nap.It may make for a cranky girl while she gets on the new schedule but you really could try to hold off her nap until say 2:00 and if possible do therapy in the morning?Zoey has therapy 5 days a week,some days twice a day.It wipes them out between life and school and therapy.The only down side to late naps is if they sleep loooong and then it screws up the night sleep.It’s always something,isn’t it?I don’t think I have been a great deal ust another parent feeling your pain.Good luck.

  9. Rachele Says:

    I sure wish I had some advice here. Have you asked her physician? That would be my first start at the next check up. If that is too far away then look into the book mentioned above. I bet you do have snack time after her nap(s) so eating a larger meal earlier could be your best bet as suggested by Amanda. This is what I would do. Then you could just have a larger snack than you do now. All that will help with energy and still not ruin dinner. 🙂

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